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Diver goes down to rig a submerged vehicle
A hard to see winch line goes into the water and starts the to pull out the submerged vehicle
Recovered and ready to tow.
Notice how we ran the line under the fallen tree to make a more efficient recovery.
Notice the monster sized ant hill on the passenger side of the vehicle!
A Chevy Apache was submerged at the Lake Samish boat launch when the brakes got too wet.
Someone stole an ATM machine, towed it by a rope and tried to crack it like a pinata, without luck! We recovered the ATM machine.
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
You will notice that the tow operator rigged the vehicle for the roll and recovery all at once by attaching two lines to the vehicle.
With the vehicle on its wheels the tow operator can now winch it to the tow truck.
With the vehicle successfully recovered the tow operator can load it and clear the road. This recovery was performed quickly, safely and using only a single lane.
Here you can see where a snatch block is used to keep the front of the truck from sliding down the hill during the recovery.
A vehicle that failed to negotiate a corner rolled over onto its roof and landed in a stream. The driver of the vehicle made it out before rescue crews arrived and fled however, the family dog was found, alive in an air pocket  in the car at the end of the recovery.
A vehicle at the 2200 block of Yew St collided with a power pole.
Often times a second vehicle can be used as an anchor point to assist with a recovery.
After winching the vehicle backwards away from the obstruction the front end can be winched to the back of the tow truck.
The vehicle is now ready to be loaded and towed away.
A DUI is not limited to cars and trucks especially on a State Highway.
Sometimes the shoulder is soft. Johnson's Towing is there to help.
In this picture you can see how the tow truck uses a high line and a low line to perform this recovery.
The high line to the low side lifts the vehicle and the low line to the high side pulls the vehicle over for a safe and efficient recovery.
With the vehicle safely recovered these folks can get back to work in a timely manner.
Sometimes the recovery is not easy to spot.
Mission accomplished.
Gallery 3

Sometimes companies work together to complete a job.
Here you see the tow operator is preparing to roll a vehicle back onto its wheels.
With the rigging complete he starts the pull.
Using a high line to roll the vehicle onto its side the low line is now used to complete the roll.
It is not clear in the pictures however, there is a slight downgrade away from the tow truck. A block of wood is placed in front of the tire so that the vehicle wont' roll away when it lands.
The vehicle has been recovered and is now ready to be towed and the road can be re opened.
While clearing the roads for the motoring public, maintenance crews sometimes get themselves into recovery situations.
Working together with another tow company gets the snow plow onto the road.
To ensure that safe working load limits are not exceeded two tow trucks recover this snow plow.
The snow plow was recovered without any damage and was able to immediately get back to work clearing and sanding the roads.
There are some days when you just have to get wet. A vehicle was stolen and then dumped at the Lake Padden boat launch. Here you see Dan Johnson preparing to rig the vehicle for recovery.
A fisherman was nice enough to haul Dan and the recovery gear out to the submerged vehicle.
Covered in algae from being under water for 7 months this vehicle is on its way to the storage facility to be assessed by the insurance.
While backing down the hill this vehicle lost control and slid over the bank. After some snow had melted Johnson's Towing responded to perform the recovery.
A rolled over RV trailer closed both south bound lanes of I-5. The importance of knowing your craft is crucial to getting the lanes open.
Working together with other tow companies for the common goal is essential.
Once the trailer is on its wheels it can be winched to the back of the tow truck and removed from the Interstate so that the lanes can be re-opened.
Mission accomplished.
Gallery 4

A trailer is high centered on a hill.
A truck was hauling a snow cat and went down the embankment.
The grade of the slope was severe.
Working together with another tow company to recover the snow cat.
Sometimes a few feet off the road is enough to get you stuck.
A tractor trailer in the ditch along Interstate 5. The "deer" that ran out in front of the truck....was never found.
One tow truck was used to pull the load and the other truck stabilized the trailer.
Mission accomplished.
Transporting the Baker Bus down off the mountain.
Honoring our veterans on Memorial Day at the Ski to Sea Parade.
Taking care of our commercial accounts even on Orcas Island.
Getting stuck turning around can slow you down however, a qualified tow company can get you back on the road quickly and safely.
Through the eyes of the WADOT Cameras Johnson's Towing is seen here taking care of business.
A good operator can place a vehicle right where they want it. In this scenario the truck was placed in perfect position for towing directly behind the tow truck.
With commercial vehicles the load must be recovered as well.
Helping relocate a shipping terminal before the Christmas rush.
Remember to always obey traffic laws.
The driver and passenger walked away from this crash.
An oversize/overweight load was high centered on the train tracks. This was a heavy pull.
Supporting our law enforcement at the "Fun with the Fuzz" run.
The Whatcom County Marine Corps League working with the Boy Scouts to re-enact the flag raising on Iwo Jima.
Gallery 5